Andrew and Ezekiel Towson Daugherty

Ezekiel Towson Daugherty (b. 1791), son of the immigrant William Daugherty, had two sons who served in the Confederate States Army in the Civil War. One son, Ezekiel Towson Daugherty (b. 1840), was wounded and left behind at Gettysburg where he died a week later. His records show that he enlisted on March 19, 1862. He was a corporal in Company I, 37 Regiment Virginia Infantry. He was wounded once at Cedar Run, Virginia on August 9, 1862. Another record shows a "F.W. [Fatal Wound] in Breast" at Gettysburg, July 1,2,3 1863. He died in the hospital at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 11, 1863. A letter from another soldier, William R. Gilmer, to his sister tells about their experience at Gettysburg. He says that "John L. Fletcher & William Williams was killed & E.T Dougherty & Larkin Fletcher was wounded touse [Towson Dougherty] was wounded very badly he was shot in at the back and out at the breast. it is very doubtful wheter he gets well or not he was left in Pennsylvania." There is a scan of the whole letter here at the Russell County Veterans website.

The other son, Andy Daugherty was my great-great grandfather. He served all through the war and lived until 1914. His obituary says that "he was in many hot fights and was a loyal warrior." It also says that his grandmother, Ruth Towson, was descended from Oliver Cromwell but I believe that is incorrect. We have Cromwell ancestors in Maryland but the descendants of Oliver Cromwell are known and don't seem to allow any possibility of a link to the Maryland Cromwells. Andy may also have been at Gettysburg. A letter from Isaac V. Reynolds discusses the fighting there and mentions Andy. In 1908 Andy was one of a group of veterans given the "Southern Cross of Honor" in Lebanon.

There are several photos of the veterans from Russell County that were taken at reunions in later years. The caption of one lists Andy Daugherty as being in the photo but it isn't known which one he is. A number of the others have been identified by family members but I don't know of anyone with a photo of Andy that could be used for comparison.

Andy Daugherty is buried in the Daugherty Cemetery in Russell County.