William Dougherty/Daugherty of Russell County, Virginia

My immigrant ancestor William Dougherty was born in Strabane, County Tyrone, Ireland in 1766. He came to America and in 1790 married Ruth Towson whose family ran an inn near Baltimore in what is now Towson, Maryland. Her family was active in the American Revolution and her brother Nathan Towson was an artillery officer for General Winfield Scott in the War of 1812. He later became the Paymaster General of the Army. Ft. Towson, Oklahoma is named for him.

William and Ruth settled in Russell County, Virginia by 1802 where the family operated an iron making furnace and a grist mill. The family was there for more than 100 years. William's family in Russell County spelled their name "Daugherty" with an "a". His brother James settled in neighboring Scott County and they spelled their name with an "o". So I come from the "a" branch but then my great grandfather switched and used Dougherty. The two spellings are used interchangably here.

This is my line of descent from William Dougherty:

4th Great GrandparentsWilliam DoughertyJune 23, 1766 Strabane,Tyrone,IrelandNovember 10, 1821 ,Russell,VA
Ruth TowsonMay 10, 1770 ,Baltimore,MD1862 ,,VA
3rd Great GrandparentsEzekiel Towson DoughertyMarch 20, 1791 ,Baltimore,MDJanuary 1868 Lebanon,Russell,VA
Martha (Patsy) ElkinsMay 2, 1837
2nd Great GrandparentsAndrew DoughertyJune 1, 1831 ,Claiborne,TNApril 16, 1914 Lebanon,Russell,VA
Mary Ann WhetselAbt. 1830 ,Wythe,VASeptember 1903 ,Russell,VA
Great GrandparentsGeorge DoughertyOctober 1, 1860 Lebanon,Russell,VAApril 21, 1952 Ottawa,Franklin,KS
Caldonia "Callie" Victoria ThompsonMarch 9, 1865 ,Russell,VANovember 1, 1937 ,Franklin,KS
GrandparentsElmer Andrew DoughertyDecember 14, 1883 Alamosa,Alamosa,COApril 2, 1962 Le Loup,Franklin,KS
Jennie Ellen GillSeptember 14, 1880 Ladoga,Montgomery,INJanuary 29, 1957 Ottawa,Franklin,KS
ParentsClarence Andrew DoughertySeptember 12, 1916 Le Loup,Franklin,KSJuly 5, 1965 Pueblo,Pueblo,CO
Elsie Elvera Miller1916 Fowler,Otero,CO
SelfJohn Robert Dougherty1952 Pueblo,Pueblo,CO